Founding of Brownstown

Brownstown was platted and founded on April 8th, 1816 before the state of Indiana was declared a state. That November, the town became the seat of Jackson County replacing Fort Vallonia. Col. John Ketcham, a surveyor, building contractor, and judge founded the town of Brownstown and served as one of the very first trustees of Indiana University. In 1836, Ketcham was named one of General Andrew Jackson's electors for the Presidential election of that year. He served in the Indiana House of Representatives. Col. John Ketcham donated the land in which the courthouse exists today.

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Ewing and the Railroad

Ewing, an existing unincorporated community in Jackson County still has local businesses that thrive today. Despite the paper mill and a B&O railroad station being closed down, there are still people that conduct business in Ewing regularly. There was a post office in Ewing until 1967. Ewing was laid out by William H. Ewing in 1857 when he heard that the railroad was being built in that direction.